Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Recipe: Popcorn Witches

Make a Popcorn Witch

Popcorn witches are a clever food craft for the Halloween holidays and they are also a delicious way to get your entire family involved in the baking process. Holiday foods don't always have to be traditional and popcorn witches are a great treat for Halloween parties or can be given out in lieu of candy to neighborhood trick or treaters. In order to make a popcorn witch, you will be following a basic popcorn ball recipe and adding some creativity with candy, icing and other food items.

Make Popcorn Witches

1.Once the balls have cooled for about 15 minutes, you can press them into the pre-fabricated silicone baking cups . If you do not have special baking cups, you can use traditional baking cups that have been pre-decorated with one-dimensional paper clown feet. Gently flatten the top of popcorn ball so that you can add the witch hat.
2. Decorate the face. According to your preference, use candy pieces and licorice to create a silly or scary witch faces. Licorice is good for eyebrows, mouths and hair, while Red Hots work well for creating teeth and eyes. If the balls have cooled too much, you can use tube icing as glue.
3. Make the witch's hat. Place a small amount of icing on the top of the ball and add a chocolate sandwich cookie. Break or cut the bottom 3 inches of the pointed part of a sugar cone. Add more icing to the top of the cookie and assemble the cone, point up, onto the cookie.


  1. Very cute idea! I wonder how well that would go with 21 third graders...

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